Psychotherapy & Counselling.

People come into therapy or counselling for a multitude of reasons, but it is usually because they are confused and need help. Asking for help is a big step and can leave you feeling vulnerable and anxious. I provide a safe, empathic and sensitive environment where you can develop the trust that is essential in order for you to get to the reasons behind your situation. With a clearer understanding of your reality you can begin to make more informed choices.

Therapy can help address issues such as anxiety, depression, stress or abuse, as well as relationship, family and self-esteem problems.

Online Therapy.

Online Therapy is for people who cannot get to a face-to-face session due to time commitments, health conditions or geography, but who would benefit from seeing as well as hearing the therapist via Online Video.

Sessions are via a secure site called Doxy.

One-on-one Therapy.

One-on-One Therapy sessions are normally held weekly.

This can be long or short term therapy depending on the issues involved.

Due to Coronavirus isolation guidelines,

One-on-One Therapy is not currently available.

Online Video sessions only.

Performers Psychotherapy